Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boom! It's Bunting!

I have always been a fan of fabulous bunting.  Whether it be strung up in trees for a picnic, adorned over curtains in a bedroom or strung up to sing in a Happy Birthday at a party - it's all such a fabulous affair, when bunting is involved. 

I wanted to try my hand at sewing up a set of bunting myself, so I stocked up on floral patterns that were mismatched, yet still co-ordinated, and I set out with my Janome to string up some flags, lifeguard style ha.

I didn't actually use a pattern for these bad boys, I simply just cut out a triangle template on a piece of tracing paper that was the required size for the flags I wanted, and then I pinned this to the fabric and cut out the desired pieces. 

I eventually had about 36 different triangles cut out in material, which made 18 flags. 

After I cut out the triangles I sewed them together with right sides facing, and then folded out the triangles and ironed them flat.  I did have to use a chopstick to poke out bottom point of the triangle though - I shake my fists at those unruly triangle points!

After all the lovely flags were made I layed them out onto some cotton binding and sewed them in, by folding the binding in half lengthways to cover the tops of the flags. It was easy peasy.

I think they look pretty ace. 

Who has bunting? and what do you use it for? birthday parties, picnics or even sectioning off the shallow end at the swimming pool?

*Lots of tea was consumed while making these flags
** and also copius amounts of carrot cake

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