Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lovin' Lovisa

Lovisa is a newish chain of jewellery stores to hit Aus, and I must admit I dig it. 

When they first came to Townsville last year, I loved how they had one off pieces that just didn't seem so, 'Diva'.   They were accessories that mimicked the likes of Samantha Wills, Erin Wasson and of course House of Harlow.  The pieces just seemed THAT much cooler than the run-of-the-mill pieces that Diva sometimes has to offer, and I liked that about that sassy girl, Lovisa.

I remember picking up a ring while in there browsing and thinking, this looks like a dead ringer for Nicole Richie's House of Harlow, and while scanning their website today, seems like I was dead on.

I am a huge fan of Low Luv by Erin Wasson, and have a few pieces from the collection, but I have nothing by Miss Richie.  

Question - Would you usually buy the real designer piece, or the chain store knock-off, whether they be clothes, jewels or bags?

I personally would prefer to buy the real deal, I believe in quality over quantity, and if I love it THAT much, I'd prefer to support the designer and, usually with jewellery cheaper versions tend to tarnish, but sometimes it's just out of reach (Mulberry Alexa, I'm speaking about you and your out of my budget $1800 price tag*) I would buy a cheaper version. Thoughts?

The knock-off version in Lovisa

The real, House of Harlow piece

*Fake handbags really annoy me


  1. Argh what really annoys me is FAKE Guess bags. I know you aren't a fan of them, but I've had them for ages & it's just a brand of bag I like & can afford & argh seeing people with nasty cheap knock offs of Guess bags makes me so annoyed, especially because I think they are kind of affordable. Like by the time you buy 3 dodgy fakes you could buy one nice simple bag.
    This being said I think my Guess bag buying stage is over, I've found a new handbag/camera bag I am dreaming of & hoping to get really soon! LOL.
    xx Cute blog as always Meg.

  2. haha, Yes, fake bags are a big no-no. Sometimes fake things take the excitement out of buying the real thing, especially if you save up to buy a beautiful bag and then see a fake one being toted by everyone. :(