Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We had a sale...in a Garage

Some would say it was a "Garage Sale", I however, would say it was a day of chillin' on chairs, sipping on cappucino and regretting the sale of purchases, just as you say, "wrap it up to go!".  

My sisters, our mum and I all kitted our things together - some old, some new but definitely nothing borrowed but some things blue – and we wrapped things up to go to help my sister sell household items to prepare her for the move to the new house that they’ve just built. Hurrah!

I must say, we were pretty excited for the big G-sale. Soph put it in the paper, I had spent all week laminating signs (that were never put to use). 

Sarah made pumpkin scones, whipped up some cream and rhubarb jam, while mum bought tiny muffins along and I made choc and white chip biscuits.  It was almost like a bake-off and a garage sale all mixed into one.

We lounged around with our guests (mostly our friends who came to drop in) and sipped on a fresh drop from my sister Sarah’s new Kitchenaid coffee machine. I felt like we were at Gloria's house - Jean of course.

It was a lovely affair. Bird dropped in for a visit, the kids ran a-muck, and we laughed all morning at some of the items we had for offer, and the very fashionable bum bag that our mum was rocking to hold all of her change. I kid you not, a fellow garage-sale-goer rocked in with a bum bag slung around his hips to hold his thrifting money – what a pro, he also reffered to us all as, "Little Lady", and "Mam". 

It was quite the H-ilarious morning actually, we had all sorts of people roll in – people driving by at 6:59 to see if we had opened the doors yet, people walking up the drive way and then stopping half way and turning back around – he was my favourite ha perhaps he was looking for something a little less 'garage'- and kids who go garage sale hopping on the weekends, rating the items and thrifting for good times sake – The list goes on.

It was such a hoot, and I made over $100 on my loot! Woohoo for garage sales, peeps.

*I spent the money I earnt on new junk to put in my room, so it defeats the purpose, of course.

** I also ate way too many cookies and creamed up scones.

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