Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's hear it for the boys!

I had such a nostalgic few days over the weekend – doing and seeing things that reminded me of being young at heart again.

During our holiday at the Gold Coast we drove past the neighbourhood my Great Grandma used to live in, and I was reminded of the house that we used to visit as youngsters, rollerblading around the block, having snail-races in the garden and crossing the bridge to go shopping in Surfer’s Paradise, with our Velcro wallets filled with Dollar mite account savings. It was a lovely few days spent re-living old memories.

When we got home I stepped back into the shoes of what it felt like to be a six year old again, as my nephews came to stay. Oskar and Archie slept over, and we spent the evening playing our old board games that my sisters and I grew up with. We rolled the dice in Snakes & Ladders, and wacked the cards in Monster Snap, with a side of pizza and a slight squeel or two.

After an early night, we then woke to a game of play dough, where we sat downstairs on our old chairs and table, and rolled out pink and green to make cookies, houses and pizza. While kneading the dough, I was reminded of the bright blue play dough mum used to make on the stove, which she had to add extra salt to so we wouldn’t feel tempted to eat the make believe pizza dough we dreamt up.

We had a real hoot making things, and then as I visited my sister that afternoon, I was contemplating a rather expensive Tuesday afternoon purchase of a bicycle. My sister, Sarah has a really cool vintage set of wheels, and I’d love to have a bike with a basket that I could ride to the shops and to visit people instead of driving everywhere.

So, I hit the street to test our her vintage Townie and as the breeze blew through my hair, I felt like I was 9 again, riding my bike up the street with the gang, streamers flapping around my wrists, beads clinking on my wheels and ringing my bell, like it was the good ol’ 90’s again. Wrap that bike up to go, I want this carefree feeling every day.

*I think the play-dough pizza I made was the best creation of the day!

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