Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Delicious, Miss Dahl

I am writing this as I watch my new found addiction – The Delicious, Miss Dahl.

Sophie Dahl, the granddaughter of the Great, Roald Dahl, has recently started her new project of home cook on the kitchen channel. All of you know how completely in love I am with cooking shows – Nigella, River Cottage and now this, bad boy.

I’ve read Sophie’s cookbook and loved the rustic, comfort food, and the antique tea cups strewn across her benches as the meals are photographed, but I was even more surprised when I sat down to watch the show.

The camera pans around her home, to her delicate lace curtains, to her garden, and then back to her, scarf on, curled up on the lounge, converse trainers tucked underneath her. Miss Dahl, is the epitome of cool.
Cat Power plays in the background, and she eats her freshly cooked food, draping over the thick, rustic wooden benches, with old pots and pans hanging in her English Kitchen. The way, Miss Dahl talks, is softly and almost like a song – she sounds like Daisy from The Great Gatsby, strangely enough. I absolutely love her.

The episode I tuned into today was titled, “Melancholy”, and she demonstrated cooking all the foods to comfort the soul, with chicken soup, chocolate sauce and pies.

I love her fashion, her kitchen, her big owl like eyes and the big blinger of an engagement ring that catches my eye as the camera zooms in to her kneading dough. One would think I have a girl crush on, Miss Dahl, but I’ll tell you this much, one hour of watching, Miss Dahl cook has definitely banished any sign of melancholy in my life, and pushes me straight towards the kitchen, baking pot in one hand and her recipe book in the other.

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