Thursday, March 17, 2011

Loafers - Not Just For Gophers

I think in my past life I was an old man.  Some evidence to support this theory.

- I love nothing more than to sit down with a cup of tea and to crochet. Yes, that's me, at home watching cooking shows, with a rug on my legs, sipping tea out of fine china while crocheting.
- Give me a fine piece of tapestry any old day.
- I enjoy hospital sheets and jelly.
- I wish I had fake teeth - veneers are so much cooler than the original ones.
- I swear and shake my fists at P Platers.
- I secretly (actually it's not a secret) I openly, express my obsession for moustaches, and my lack of not being able to ever experience one.
- I like to collect vintage fabrics, typewriters, cameras, sewing machines, old porkpie hats, old hair-pieces and teeth. (only kidding, old teeth are gross)

The latest theory to prove that I was in fact, an old man, or want to be one is - Shoes

I've loved brogues, clogs and all the inbetween, but, recently I've been obsessed with loafers.  Loafers are described as, "slip-ons, typically low, lace-less shoes, with a moccasin construction." Or in other words, "the shoes your granpappy wears to bowls, church on a Sunday or to do his paper run."  He teams them with lemon yellow socks, and rocks the shiz out of those, bad boys. 

Bird can tell you that I bought a pair of mocassin's a couple of years ago, and wore them only in the comfort of my uni room.  (Only because she forbid me to wear them anywhere else).  They were brown, had wool inside and even had a functioning tassle that swung from side-to-side as I walked. 

These fabulous mocassin's, have even been featured in a blog post previous to this - I can't get enough of these fine fellowed friends.  But now, I have set my sights higher - or shall I saw lower - and I've moved onto the loafer.

First appearing in the mid 1930s, and then on myself while traipsing through London.   I will be bringing these bad boys out in full force this Winter, and I am so excited, because they just so happen to be hot-to-trot again, and all the shoe stores are selling these puppies again. Yessss!!

High five to the rebirth of the loafer - they are definitely not just for old people.
I will be purchasing another pair (or six) this winter, preferably in tan, black, or leopard print. Let's all go crazy for loafers like it's 1931.

* P.s I WILL be teaming them with bright coloured socks. Bird, you have no say in this. They're meant for each other, like peanut butter and jelly.
** After I finished typing this post, I rang Sportsgirl to get these both held for me. I have a sickness.


  1. I laughed throughout this whole blog Meghan. The dog even looked at me like I was a crazy person Haha

    Love you x Bird

  2. What for it....HEELED LOAFERS!!! Just found them and them I can appreciate! check them out in the newest ed. of Shop til you Drop :)

  3. haha, when we were in London, heeled loafers were everywhere, and I was digging them! x