Friday, March 11, 2011

Zip it, Bucko!

Since being home, I haven’t really had time to start up my sewing again, and I’ve really missed it, so I decided to bring out my brand new book from Miss Pip, and I made some zip purses for my not so nearest, but definitely my dearest.

The instructions were cinch, and I broke out my special Japanese fabrics which I bought in Townsville at the Craft Fair last year. I made babushkas, birds and sausage dog purses, packaged them up and sent them to my favourites.

Now they have a little place to put their coins, hair ties, stick on moustaches and lemons for tequila shots!


  1. They are very cute!! That looks like a cool sewing book!! I HAVE to get my machine serviced & actually start sewing!! I will do it this year!!

  2. Thanks! It's a very cool book, I loved her first one aswell. x Get that bad girl, sewing machine out and get sewing!