Monday, March 21, 2011


We arrived in London Town on the 28th January. It was nice and late at night, and by the time we checked in to our motel, unpacked our things and had showers, we were tuckered out. Our first thoughts of London where pure heaven – we snoozed until 11 in the morning, and finally had a break after our last few weeks of travelling.

I laced up my brogues – true London style, and we hit the streets, scanning for a stop-in cafe. We decided on a kitschy Italian restaurant with floral wallpaper, box frames and flowers adorned on the tables. The bruschetta crunched, and the spaghetti rolled around on our forks.

The rest of our first day was spent browsing tourist stores, and walking the streets, before stopping into the British Museum to have a wander through the ancient history. We bought red velvet cupcakes on the way home, and read books in our motel room before meeting up with our Contiki group for an evening out in Convent Garden with pear and mixed berry cider.

London was lovely. We woke up to English Breakfasts, of coffee, orange juice, boiled tomatoes with juicy skins, eggs, croissants and tea. We toured the sights of Big Ben, The London Eye, The Tower of London and the many bridges. Stonehenge was breathtaking, as we did a full circle around the site, taking photos, posing and then drinking lattes in the sun.

We then toured the city of Bath, (where Johnny Depp lives), and gazed at the Roman Baths, while trying the pure water from the springs, and eating traditional Cornish pasties in the street square, while performers juggled fire for the crowds. Beth and I splurged on marble fudge, and walked the cobbled stone streets, snapping pictures and scouting the grounds for Johnny, with no such luck.

The sights to see were just as we thought. Buckingham Palace beckoned, and Trafalgar Square opened opportunities for a telephone box photo. We wandered the blocks and stopped into Westminster Abbey. The London Eye gave us the beautiful landscape of London, and we caught the tube to Harrods to sample fruity Valentines tea. Men played bagpipes in the streets, and I kept looking into the sky for Peter Pan as traces through the clouds, Wendy and Peter behind.

We shopped up a storm on Oxford Street, and then were on the tube again to Madame Tussauds. We caught a West End Musical – Chicago – and then went out on the town to The Zoo, where we drank Jaeger Bombs, Tequila and pole danced late into the night.

We experienced all that was London, with shopping, tube rides, Brick Lane, red buses, taxis, police guards, Convent Garden, street performers, riots, English breakfasts, The Beatles, and Harry Potter film locations.

Our holiday was like one big game of Monopoly, as we skipped on to each different street, skating past Trafalgar, Piccadilly, Convent, and then home again. I can’t wait to roll the dice once more, for another London adventure.


  1. SSOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous words can't describe. at least you're giving me amazing places to go see when I make enough money! :) xxx

  2. Beautiful Meghan!! Sounds like an amazing trip!! x