Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Go Shopping

I am a full time student. I have masses of assignments to complete, yet I would much prefer to browse online avenues and stock up on things I can not really afford woooops, slap my wrist please!

So, in procrastination for my essay I skipped on over to Notemaker - a shop that should ban me - and purchased some stamps, stickers and sticky tape! Hurrah!

I love Notemaker, I buy from them all the time. Go check it out, browse for hours - I surely do.  I like to think of what I will do with my purchases.  My tape has come in handy for packaging presents, making cards, loot bags and decorating jars.  The babushka cards I bought have been stashed away for a special person worthy of their awesomness, and my small notebooks have been piled high in my room for sewing patterns, painting and other scribblings.

The love stickers are to die for.  Maybe they will be used for love letters? The red star tape, maybe it will be used for love letters too? or even wrapping up presents to my love.

The stamps are definitely going to be put to use when they arrive.  Birthday cards, wrapping paper and sometimes, even little notes to slip under Bird's door.  Why not? x

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