Sunday, April 11, 2010

To Market. To Market

What a lovely day was had.  A Peaceful Sunday with fellow market goers, and my favourites, Bird, Popcorn & Shark.  We drank coffee, browsed the markets and relaxed (sweat in the heat) in our nifty camping chairs.  We met some lovely people, sold a few items of sewing and ended the day perfectly with a browse at the shops. x


  1. We should of all got a photo today behnd the stall. Bugger.

    Shark xx

  2. OHHHH i wish i was there! Looks great!!

    Bike x

  3. I'm glad your day went well, Meghan. I absolutely love the Bambi print, it's soo cute!

    I hope we can catch up soon..

    Hayley x