Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pack Up Your Things, We're Hitting The Road

And in style! I was reading a fabulous article the other day, whilst cycling at the gym (hurrah for me), and it really excited me.  It was about packing up all your things, loading them into a caravan and hitting the road!

These people had completely sold everything, packed the bare essentials, and hit the pavement with some uber trendy caravans restored to their vintage glory. 

Decked out with crochet throws and pillows, vintage material bunting strewn from window to door, and kooky melamine tea cups and kettles stacked high in the cupboards - and don't forget the crazy table cloth curtains used to cover the cutlery and plates... they were simply wonderful.  Kooky, cool and completely priceless to see.

I would love to pack up my few things, hit the road and travel along with a caravan.  What would I take?... definitely my sewing machine, tea cups and pots, typewriter, plenty of yarn, a map, cd's, books, camera and of course Jake, I can't really refer to him as "gun" in this post, as I don't want to take a gun on my camping adventure.... just Jake will do thanks.

What would you take? What would you leave behind?... and how would you deck out your caravan?

Me, personally... I would deck it out with rugs, pillows, art, books and anything else that could make it seem homely and warm.  I would sit up front with Jake, he would wear aviators, and I would wear a beret. Because that would be uber cool, and is typical travel style don't you think?

Oh, and Bird... there would definitely be a spot for you to perch on...
Popcorn, Shark & Bike, you could ride up back in the library section, reading all day untill we stop at picnic spots, where we would fly kites, eat scones with jam and cream, and do crosswords until it get's too dark to see. x

I would like mine to look anything like these, please.  I better start crocheting now ------>


  1. What a wonderful post. Perhaps we could trial run this for Falls? I look forward to flying kites, eating scones and completing crosswords with some of my favourite people in the world.

    Bird xx

  2. How come Jake doesn't have a nickname xx

  3. wow they are pretty! I'm a bit of a hoarder... but being forced to let go of some of the "extra baggage" would be good!