Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friends Forever

You know, we have all said it, scribbled it and sung it to each other, "BFF's FOREVER".  My school diaries are covered with those little phrases, amongst other funny little scribblings that start off with, "Hey, what are you doing this wkd? Biology sucks, see you at lunch" - Meanwhile, I am actually sitting right next to you, and I know what you're doing this wkd, you are having a sleep over with me! woooo!

Who are your best friends, the ones that really stood out? How did you meet, come together and then stay together?

I'll start off with Danielle. My preschool bestie. We used to hang out all day at the Preschool, make craft together and then go to each other's houses every afternoon to play.  We really fit perfectly, she would eat Salmon sandwiches and I would eat Peanut Butter.

Nelly. We were cool.  We shared best friends necklaces, an obsession with the Spice Girls, and crimped hair.  I do remember one Friday Night Skating she kicked me with her rollerblade. It took me approximately one skate of the ring to forgive her.

Sarah. We ate nutella sandwiches with hundreds and thousands.  Would wear the same outfits, and she taught me to play "Under the Sea" on her Saxaphone.

Bird. Highschool was all about Miss Bird and myself. Sleepovers watching Footloose and Dirty Dancing. Making Doner Kebabs at 3 in the morning, and developing such a sick friendship that if she were to have a different opinion to mine, well, I would change my opinion to suit hers.  Packed up her life with me to move to uni, and many date nights, phone calls, ridiculous conversations and personal jokes later, she tweeted into my life, and never ever left. My Best Friend. nuff said.

Em. My fellow moey. We used to go walking after school, stop in at Red Rooster and buy chips as we walked.  We would hang out on weekends, talk about break ups, and party and laugh all night.  Em was amazing.

Bike. My touch companion, fellow panda runner, and all round BFF. Bikey loves to soiree with Bird and myself, laugh untill our stomachs hurt, and dress up in lycra to make us smile. I would oil up her bike chain anyday so she could keep on riding beside me forever.

Popcorn. We met at uni.  And now, cannot go one day without seeing eachother. She pretty much rocks my entire world, with her non stop love for Duran Duran look alikes with squeeky voices. I love her.

Shark. We met first day at uni, I looked at her in her crazy sunnies and thought, "I can see us becoming friends". We did, and I hope she never leaves my life.   

Barfield. Fellow uni haller.  We met first day, bonded and now share a love for singing Lonesome Dove until our voices crack, and drinking Tequila untill we wake up on the floor the next morning.  She is that person who without, you would feel something missing.

B-riley. Another uni haller, and another best friend. She makes me laugh with her crazy antics, and I think she is amazing.

Hayley. Fellow Betty Bluer, journalist and uni love. Hayley is just lovely. It's nice to be surrounded with her laughter, and constant crack ups. 

Long list. Perfect friends - old and new. Some came into my life and left, while others have stayed and grown into a family.

I love those kinds of friendships. The friendships where not just the important matters are serious, it's the really trivial, silly matters that are the most important. For example, "I am so annoyed that Cold Rock doesn't have Peanut Butter Choc Swirl again, maybe they only get it in on Mondays, do you think?"

P.s That last comment was actually a real conversation had by myself and Bird last night. x


  1. I will forever remain by your side, like a "Stranger in the Night"....

    Bike xx

  2. more crazy antics shall be planned my friend..all in good time! :)

  3. Fantastic blog my love

    Bird xx

    ps. the cold rock dilemma still concerns me.

  4. more crazy antics shall be planned my friend...all in good time!

  5. You are beautiful. I love you xx

    Ps What crazy sunnies were they, I am curious to know.


  6. Naww... I love you too.

    Hayley x