Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Made My Day

Notemaker I am talking about you! Yes you, for adding the magnificent and extremely talented duo of Yellow Owl Workshop to your fantastic shop!

I have been stalking their website, blog and online shopping guides for a long time, yes it's pretty serious. I so desperately wanted their stamp sets. And now, VOILA! I can.

I am covetting the rain stamp set, the paris and the tea one too... oh they are delightful, to the check out please! wrap them up to go x


  1. I love that you love stamps. I am loving the clear cling stamps that you put on perspex blocks... I got an adorable Peter Rabbit set the other day. But the Paris one is stunning!
    Will def' check this website out!!


  2. Can you please make me something with the Eiffel Tower on it. Pretty please with Tofu on top?

    Shark xx

  3. You are just too cute miss shark. Of course I will make you something. I am purchasing all of the above...tsk tsk tsk.

    Your softie is still here, and a pillow also has your name on it? possibly the red apple? Shall I tie it up with string?