Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meme - Five Faves 4

My five faves for the week.  Thanks for bringing it back Pip, I love to hop on the bandwagon and play along.

1. My new scarf from here. I could have just attempted to knit one myself, but this one just looks so lovely in the store...

2. Family dinners with my friends every Sunday night. They are becoming a ritual, and we just love goofing around and planning what meals to eat.
3. Lola and Bailey - This fabulous tote bag has my name written all over it - well my intial.
4. The weather! I am loving the sudden cold snap, and can't wait to finish uni for the semester and head on home to cold Central Queensland where I can see spend the holidays rugging up and snuggling my nephews.
5. Groove Armada - Paper Romance Enough said. This song is rockin' my socks at the moment, love, love, love it!

What are your five faves for the week? woooooooo x


  1. oh i love groove! finally saw them for the first time this year and my goodness they rocked my socks too! actually they rocked more than my socks! ;)

  2. the scarf is gorgeous I love the colour!