Thursday, May 20, 2010

True Love

What do you truely love, the things that you love because they bring happiness to your day, your mind and your face as you smile. I love many things - I love heaps of people in my life, but there are those little things whether, big or small, or something that isn't a thing - in fact it could be an image, a smell or sound that cheers you up and that you would confess your true love to - if you could.

I'll start off with Coffee. I could drink coffee all day, it's not the caffeine that captivates me, no sir, it's the lovely coffee mug you get to pour that warmth into, the smell  of the coffee beans, and then taking a seat, some time out of your day and sipping on something that calms you down. There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee with chocolate dusted over the froth on a cold morning. ah.

Craft. I think that that's a given though. I just love all things crafty. People sometimes laugh at it, and call me a nanna. But, I think nanna's are cool. How many lovely memories do you have with your nanna? Sipping tea, eating biscuits and getting passed down some of her precious crafts that she hand made back in the day.  Nanna's are so generous. I love to craft. Sewing pillows, crocheting rugs, drawing, stamping cards and putting effort into making things special for people. Craft is the new craze, and putting your own stamp on things you make from scratch, is just, well - uber cool and crafty I think.

Triple J - This music is my life, home grown talent, and eccentric, eclectic mixes of sounds. Blues and Roots, festivals and the type of music that makes you happy.

The smell of my mum's cooking - I don't know what it is with this, it just reminds me of home. There is nothing I love more than when it's Christmas time and mum has a mixing bowl full of glazed cherries, rum and fruit soaking on the counter. That smell is honestly Christmas to me.

Writing - I love setting up my laptop, typing up articles and all things pen and paper.  I have chosen the right profession for me I think, sometimes I doubt my writing abilities, but I enjoy it so much.  If I could write a blog for a career I would.

Getting Mail - Letters, packages and presents. Checking the letterbox and finding a little envelope addressed to you, is exciting.  I wish we all still wrote letters now. I have so many nice writing sets, and I think hand writing letters is so personal.

Mornings - I love waking up to a fresh start, not knowing what the day will hold.

Haircuts - The freshness to a haircut is something you can't describe. You feel like a new person with just one little snip.

Space - My personal space. Spending time with myself, doing things that I love to do. Just sitting, thinking and being alone. It's nice.

Stationery - Call me a geek if you wish, but this gal loves the ol' stationery. I do, I really do. Buying decorative sticky tape, jute string, writing sets, notepads and moleskins is my thang. Maybe when I become a journalist, I can blame my obsession on my need for 'writing materials' ha.

There are so many other things that I could add to this list, and I'm sure I will think of 100 more as I read this post later, however, these are the things that spring to my mind when I think of things that I love that may be simple, but bring joy to my life in a nice little way. It's strange, these things are mostly priceless, 'things' that don't cost much, but mean a lot. x

*I also really love the picture seen above, it is just beautiful.  I do however, want to dunk those biscuits into a nice cup of coffee - see! it must be love.


  1. I love your blog. I love when you have a new post there for me to read, I love when I don't know you've made another post, I really get excited to see what's been going on in that brain of yours.


  2. 'Thang'?
    I still love you, no matter what <3