Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm feeling very wintery all of a sudden, and what usually springs to mind is porridge.  I remember being little and waking up for school when it was so cold that my sisters and I used to lay our clothes over the heater to warm them up.  Mum would be in the kitchen making us fresh porridge on the stove - the real kind - no packet mix and microwave for us - woooh! Mum used to always know how much milk to add, and it always tasted so yum.  Every morning I would feel like Goldilocks, however, it was always just right.  Aren't mums great?


  1. Mum used to break out the porridge for us every winter too. We had ours with brown sugar - so good. x

  2. I never was the porridge-eating-type. I did love weet-bix though, with hot milk, and, a truck load of sugar, hmmm delicious. xx