Saturday, May 22, 2010

Twenty One

Bird turned 21 this week.  It was a lovely affair, and a celebration was definitely on the cards. I took Bird out for a lunch to Bambini where I enjoyed a coffee and a bagel, and Bird dined on a hot choc and a muffin, then we followed with an afternoon of shopping.  The night was also very lovely indeed, we frocked up and headed out to A Touch of Salt and had a very private dinner with beautiful company, as we wined and dined on bread, salads and fancy tarts. Such a hoot! We finished the night off with a rustic chocolate cake at Popcorn's house.  Hurrah! Happy Birthday my dearest Bird.

*P.s our celebration didn't end there, Bird and I just got back from an impromptu trip into the city where we watched Letters To Juliet, and had a marvellous dinner on the strand followed by gelato.....eeep!


  1. I really enjoyed our dinner at A Touch of Salt! Thanks again Bird for turning 21. Looking forward to family dinner tonight!

  2. So disappointed i couldnt be there.... Hope you had a fantastic time Bird!!
    Bike x

  3. There was an empty seat for you Bike. It wasn't the same without you x