Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's starting to get quite cold here, and to think I live in the tropics! I am loving the change in weather though.  Back home, it will be getting to the low 10's in the morning, and trackies will be coming out of everyone's drawers! I state it quite a lot how much I love winter, and how much I really want to move somewhere cold, where 'real' winters occur.  Snow, would be the cherry on the top, most definitely. 

Anyhoo, I am loving getting up in the mornings, having a shower, feeling fresh and then sitting down and enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee, while I read the news, blog posts, and check my emails. 

In 5 weeks time, I pack up my belongings and head home to the chillier parts of Queensland, for a nice little 5 week stay while uni holidays are on. It will be a nice break.  I can see it now - getting up early to start work, spending time with my sister all day, enjoying coffee and the casual banter amongst old friends from work, stopping in at my other sister's house on the way home and seeing the little kiddies, playing in the backyard with them, and cuddling up to them when they're all freshly bathed in their flannels, spending time with my dad at nights while we watch the Discovery Channel, and I sit at the dining table and sew, and then most of all what I'm looking forward to is my time with my mum, sitting around and drinking T2 out of a fabulous tea pot.  Ahhh, holidays. x

*How beautiful is this tea pot cosie?


  1. I'm extremely jealous, your holidays sound amazing. I smiled when I read, 'and cuddling up to them when they're all freshly bathed in their flannels.' It reminds me of when I was younger, and, when winter came along, mum would whip out our special blankets that kept us that tiny bit warmer.

    Shark xx

  2. I cannot wait to purchase some lovely winter threads for when we are living in a colder climate. Cue (or even a Burberry) trench anyone?
    I cannot wait for it to be constantly nice and fresh up here and us getting to really appreciate our coffee dates and snuggled up movie nights.
    Love you x