Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Interesting Ideas

On another positive note, I have been thinking about all of the things I have been saying I want to do lately.  Bird and I will be driving, and I will suddenly start rambling on about something I want to try.  I am going to turn that rambling of nothings, into something and maybe set out to try a few of the things I'm yet to master. 

1. Pottery - I want to go to a pottery class, learn to mould things and maybe even walk away with a nifty cup or bowl - and not like the ones we made for Father's Day in preschool (y'know the marble in the bottom, fork stamping around the edge & glazed)
2. Bingo - I think Bingo would be dang fun in fact, I think sitting with your friends, drinking tea, eating scones and maybe even taking home a prize of money would brighten up anyones day. Who said it was just for oldies who bowl, and ladies who luncheon?
3. Canoeing - I have wanted to test out the waters (literally) for a while now.  Jump in a canoe, and head down Ross River.  Bird and I went for a wander the other day.  The river looks ace, with turtles, swings hanging from trees, and uber cute houses lining the waters edge.
4. Art Exhibit - I think this would be most enjoyable.  Wandering around, drinking wine and feeling oh so very upper class for a night.

What do you want to do? any silly little thing, you have either seen on a notice board, heard through the grape vine or thought that you would never have enough courage to try out?


  1. 1. Canoeing
    2. BBQ at the strand
    3. Art Exhibition
    4. Book Club

    Let's start doing all of these things, before you leave me...

    Bird x

  2. I'm in for book club x

  3. I forgot 5. fishing!!

    Bird x

  4. I'm in for bingo and book club!
    Maybe fishing..