Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nanna Nighties?

I love nighties. I do. They are so comfy, roomy and just uber cool when worn with bed socks and a robe.  I have always loved nightware, and Peter Alexander has stocked my Pj draw for many years now.  I always, always buy a new set every year at least once, and they last for yonks! Anyhoo, I have been on the hunt for a nightie, and I wanted something fresh, funky and not too nannerish - no frill, lace or linen thanks!

I found the most perfect one today in Cotton On Body - to be exact! It is grey marle in colour, jersey material with uber softness, and has a very cute little blue and white striped pocked.  One new nightie, has definitely set me up for a winter of warmth, I can just see it now, my drawer overflowing with flannel nighties...... I think I am just over excited for Winter to start though. I purchased a very lovely navy knitted scarf today, and drinking tea, eating soup and crocheting my rug have been amped up in the last few days since a nip has sprung to the air.

Winter is grand.  Tights, scarfs, cool mornings and the freshness to the air. I love all things winter, the fashion definitely kicks some serious A.

I am loving this bad girl here. I think I am going to have to purchase it.

Get your mits into this one here

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